Adventure Motorcycle Bike To Ama Yangri Base Camp

In October 2020, I thought of trekking or doing a motorcycle ride to some destination. I was searching or hunting for a destination to travel to. I did more research for the trip, and I finally decided to do a motorcycle ride to one of the adventurous stops called Ama Yangri Base Camp, which is at an altitude of 3771m from where we can see a panoramic view o the mountains. I was walking in my home town, and I met my friends, and I gave brief information about the trip to my friend, and my two friends decided to do a bike ride with me. My friends arrange two bikes, one is VR HARTFORD & XR HONDA for the trip. I manage the saddlebag with all the mechanical tools for the journey.

Maddy and his friends Prabhu and Ganesh finally depart the bike ride trip on October 15 at 11:30 Ama Yangri Base Camp AM from Mulpani Kathmandu. Firstly we went to the sakhu and feul our bike. After having some water, we start our bike ride to joshing paua, a famous destination for mountain views and picnics. We rest for a while and smoke break. We were a little hungry, and we ate some fruits. Around 2 PM, again, we decided to start our ride, and the road to Melamchi was downhill off the road and dirty as well. after 1 hours ride, we reached Melamchi Bazar. On this trip, we were three people, one bike with a single ride and one with a double lift. My friend VR bike got some problems with his back wheel disk pad. We were searching for a motorcycle workshop in Melamchi. Luckily, we found excellent mechanics to find the issues happening to our bike. After a 1-hour hard struggle, he solved the problems. Finally, at 3 pm, we start our ride from Melamchi Bazar. After one hour’s ride, we reached timbu Bazar, we were hungry, and we decided to stop for a lunch break. Around 4 PM, we started our ride for Ama Yangri Base Camp again. Today we choose to stay in Tarkeghyang, which is one of the best villages in Helambu. Village own in their own with their mountain culture. The total distance from Kathmandu to Tarkeghyang is approximately 80 to 85KM by bus or motorcycle.

From Timbu, it takes 3 hours to reach Tarkeghyang. The road was fully uphill and off-road. Slowly we were riding uphill into the woods. When we were going up, we felt cold, so we started to wear warm clothes. Some parts of the road are rather bad, but most streets are in good condition. I assure you that you will enjoy the ride in the forest with vegetation of wild animals and birds. As we go up, the weather is cold, and we find a big forest on our road. It was almost 5 pm we were finished half of our ride from time. We rest for a while at Kakani dada, where we can see the beautiful view of the landscape and Melamchi Bajar. We are lucky to see a beautiful Tarkeghyang village at the stop before climbing the hills to Ama Yangri. It would be night slowly, so we lit our bike headlight on. There was a junction before reaching Tarkeghyang. We were confused about which way to go. We were hungry and exhausted. We saw a village with some light, so we moved through the left path and finally reached Tarkeghyang. We ride a total of 4 to 5 hours from Timbu. There is no fancy or facilitated hotel in Tarkeghyang. Just tea house or lodge with a cosy room with two beds. We stayed in the tea house for tonight, and we ordered dhal bhat for dinner. Before dinner, we planned to sing a song and have a campfire at the tea house premises. The owner of the tea house was so cool. We started dancing and singing a song. After one and a half hours of fun, the hotel owner invited us for dinner. We went to the dining hall for dinner. The dinner was local and deciduous. All my friends were hungry, so we ate a little more. After dinner, we went to bed for dinner. I was tired, so I could not sleep well. My two friends started snoring after 10 ten minutes. It was midnight. They didn’t stop snoring, so I decided to go to the next room, and finally, I got a good sleep.

The second-day early morning, we woke up and had breakfast. There was no hotel in Ama Yangri Base Camp. So we carry our lunch. We still ride one hour more for our trip from Tarkeghyang to Ama Yangri. We parked our bikes from parking. We had to hike for almost 3 to 4 hours to reach a beautiful spot known as Ama Yangri Base Camp. We slowly started hiking the trails was stone stairs, and somewhere, there were planned trails with pine forest with bushes. After two hours hike, we reached deurali from where we could see just little mountains. We rest for a while again. We start our walk as it climbs steeply. We stop for 15 minutes to catch our breath, drinking water. After 4 hours of trekking at 9 am, Ama Yangri finally greets our team. We are happier to see the panoramic view of the fantastic views of the Himalayas.

We met chilling guys from Bhaktapur who were busy making rizla smoke marijuana. There is a stupa at the top of Ama Yangri. The local people of Tarkeghyang are currently staying in America and collecting donations for building a stupa at the top of Ama Yangri Base Camp. There is plain land at the top helicopter can easily land. There are many prayer flags at the top. Our team were happy to see the fantastic panoramic views of the mountains.


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