Dream Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Dream Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp trek was one of my bucket list treks, and i was thinking of going for a trek Annapurna Base Camp Trek. My dream trek Annapurna Base Camp came into reality, I set everything in my mind to go trekking with my family.

In 2018 September, I was home alone. My mom and dad went to London for six months to meet my brother in Bristol City, London. There was no one at home, so I planned to put luck at home and want to go for a ride to Sikkim for Nepal Rider Meets(NRM) event. This is an event hosted by Friends Of Royal Enfield (FORE). NRM is a big motorcycle event. My first bike ride with our club Kathmandu International Motorcycle Club, was my life. It is a motorcycle club in azimuth. Chhedup Bozman Dai is the president of our club. An excellent person with a good heart. Learn many things from him. He is a pioneer rider as well.  He is our dearest dai. He is the owner of Jazz Upstairs Lazimpath. His restaurant has delicious food, especially Chicken Santa and mouth-watering MOMO etc. They have a musical event, especially JAZZ MUSIC. I usually went to jazz for food and music when I was free, and I am a foody person. My mom and dad were worried about me because I was alone. Dad called me, and I told him about the motorcycle trip to Sikkim. He told me not to stay home when they returned, only to go anyway I wanted. Then I thought, and I decided to stay home again. My cousin’s sister and cousin’s brother had a plan for the Annapurna Base Camp trek. They talked to me and said let’s go for a trip again. I spoke to my parents, and they said no. Finally, after a hard struggle, my mama house grandmother came to my house, and I was allowed to go for this adventure trekking with my family. Finally, I think a lot about my big brother Suwash Karki who supported me and talked to my parents for permission to go on this trek. On September 25, 2018, I packed my bag and went to my bed for sleep, and I was a little excited about the tour.

The trip was for the 8Night/9Day trek to Annapurna Base Camp. Early morning I woke up and called my brother. He said to come to me to pick me up at my home town Mulpani, Pipal Bot at 5 AM morning. We have a 4WH JEEP for the trip. We packed our bag at the roof of the jeep. We had a cup of tea at  Janak dai tea shop. Finally, around 6 AM, we start our drive from Mulpani, Kathmandu. Day first, we had breakfast at Malekhu with family. We ate sale roti, fry fish, gram, black tea and roti. After breakfast, we drive to Pokhara. My cousin’s sisters were very excited about the trek, and they started to sing songs. The cool air refreshed everyone inside the jeep. The drive was perfect and skilful because he drove very carefully. After three hours’ drive, we reached the paradise city Pokhara. We were hungry, and we had dhal Bhat at thakali restaurant. We had planned to stay in Ghandruk so we were little hurry and we bought fruits and some medical medicines for the trek.

As we know that Pokhara is a hub for Annapurna Circuit Trek. All the treks end and start from paradise city Pokhara. Pokhara is situated at an altitude of approximately 1300m. It has beautiful Phewa lake, begnash lake, rupakot lake, paragliding spot called Sarangkot, peace stupa and a Pumdikot with a giant statue of Lord Shiva god. In Pokhara, many tourists go for nightlife, music, food and adventure activities like aura flight and paragliding. Pokhara is a beautiful, clean and tourist city. We can do whole day boating in Phewa lake.

Day One

After one and half hours drive from Pokhara, we reached Naya Pool, the end and starting point of Annapurna Circuit Trek. Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) A foreigner has to pay ACAP permit for trekking. The road from Nayapool to Ghandruk Bajar is pitch and off-road. There was a river on our right side and a hill on our left. Slowly we were driving uphill. After one and half hours of drive, we finally reached a Gurung village, Ghandruk. We stay in Hotel Rock & Mud, which is situated 1o minutes from Ghandruk bus station. The Hotel Rock & Mud provides three start facilities with room service and local organic food to the guest. They have a room facing mountains like Annapurna, Himchuli and Fishtail. A guest can see mind-blowing vies of the Himalayas from their pillow. The hotel owner is Mrs Lachhin Gurung, humble, calm and helpful. He cares for his clients. After a good talk with the hotel owner, we have a campfire, and a hotel chef offers local organic dinner. After dinner, we danced and sang songs, and we went to bed for sleep because we were tired of driving.

Day Two

The second-day early morning at 6 AM, we wake up and get ready for the trek to Annapurna Base Camp 4130m. We had a local Gurung breakfast at the hotel, and the hotel owner was blessed with good luck for our trip. We were a total of seven members of the family for the trek and our dijju best friend’s sister, who was a little fancy and fashionable and acting. Superwash Kark dai, Pramila Karki value, Shreesti Karki sister, Anup Parajuli brother, Aupa Parauli sister, Indira Karki dijju and me my self travelling Maddy Thapa. Our group was more adventurous. At 7 AM, we check out the hotel and head towards Jhinu for the trek. We walk almost one and half hours to reach Jhinu. We can see an excellent Village on our right sight, Landruk. We had a river one our right company as well. We can see a beautiful breathtaking view of Machhepuchare Peak. It is the peak till today nobody has done the summits of the mountain. It is believed that there is a god at the Machhepuchere, which is also called Fishtail Peak. We crossed a big suspension bridge. There was a queue at the bridge. It was tourist season. Many Nepali and foreigners were heading for the Annapurna Base Camp trek. At the same time, I got a chance to take pictures with some American and Brazilian friends. After crossing the bridge, there was Jhinu hot water spring. We had a hot shower at the pool. It was just a mind-blowing experience of my life at Jhinu Hot Water. My whole body relaxed, and I thought I got some extra energy for the trek. There was a long uphill trek from Jhinu to Chomrung. Chomrung is the meeting point becasue trekkers from Tadapani and trekker from Landruk and Mardil himal can reached Chomrung. After three hours of deep uphill walk, we finally reached Chhomrung hilltop and breath for a while and had a drink of water and a fresh breath of air with a fantastic mountains view of Annapurna, Himchuli and Fishtail peak. We had a delicious local lunch at the hotel. We planned to stay at upper Sinuwa from Chhomrung. We could see Upper Sinuwa, but it was pretty far for us to trek. We started the downhill trek at the same time one of my sister’s best friend’s sister who was out of our family she couldn’t walk. She was not focused on her walk and wasting our team time, and I was angry. I told her if she cant goes, she could go back and rest at Pokhara, and we will be back in Kathmandu together. Still, she was too much ugly and more fashionable. Finally, in the end, my big brother arranged a horse to get back her to Jhinu, and we again headed towards Upper Sinuwa. We walked one hour downhill trek and again 2 hours uphill hike, and after getting tired, we reached our second day overnight. The Upper Sinuwa was not the best place to stay. The second night was horrible to sleep.

Day Three

On the third day, we woke up early in the morning and had breakfast, and there were other foreigners, French, Russian, Japanese, Chines who were also busy eating and getting ready for the trek to Annapurna Base Camp trek. The trails were uphill, and downhill trails of stone stairs, and some tracks were just plain and natural. I used to be happy when I found natural trails on my trek. There was a dense forest full of beautiful birds and butterflies. I saw colourful butterflies on the tracks. On the other side, we can see beautiful mountain ranges. The Trek was going adventurous. We walked downhill for one and a half hours and finally reached a natural place, just peace of mind, Bamboo. The name is self Bamboo. The surroundings had all Bamboo bushes, and the surrounding was just greenery. The exciting part was I met my brother Ram Adhikari. He and I had taken tour guide license training together. We had a photo together we were a French and Spanish guide he was there with his French guest. I was so hungry, we were apart, and my family members ordered a delicious rare noodles soup for lunch. We rest one hour at bamboo.  After lunch, we trek uphill for Deurali for a third day-night stay. The bamboo trails to Durali were intense with full greenery with trees and bamboo. We have a river on our right sight. It was flowing in their natural way as we know that river has its path. I was lost for a while because the natural sound of the river makes me happy, and I was lost in nature, so I liked to go for a trek. My big brother was in the front line in the trails, and I was at last. We enjoyed the trek singing sometimes and sometimes staying somewhere and dancing, which gave us some energy. After trekking hard for three hours, we finally reached a place to stay tonight at deurali. It was almost packed, but I thanked the hotel owner, who provided a standard room for our family. We rest for a while and enjoy the mountain view, nature, birds whispering sound etc.

I plan for the next day’s trek. Our dream was trekking up to Annapurna Base Camp. I heard that the Annapurna Base Camp & Machhapuchere Base Camp hotel were packed, so I planned for the next day. I talk to my big brother and family about the problems we face the next day. If we were going day and staying in Annapurna Base Camp & Machhapuchere Base Camp hotel, we would not find a room to sleep. So planned we planned to go to Annapurna Base Camp, our bucket list place, in the early morning at 4 AM to come back and stay safely in Deurali. It takes 5 hours to reach Annapurna Base Camp from Deurali. We fixed our light and stick for the next day’s early morning trek. There were other doctors’ groups, and they also wanted to join our family trip. We had dinner and went to bed for sleep.

Day Four

Day four early morning, we wake up, carry our all gear and start our trek to Annapurna Base Camp at 4 AM. I was at the front with torchlight and stuck we scared of wild beer in the trails because in the bamboo area habit of fantastic beer. My big brother was last, and I was in front of a trek almost one hour from Deurali. I saw blood on the trails, I saw blood, and I was scared of beer because I was in front of our group. After two hours uphill trek, we reached Machhapuchere Base Camp (Fishtail Mountain). I took a long breath, drank water, rested for a while, and started our walk again. While trekking from Machhapuchere Base Camp to Annapurna Base Camp, you will see a fantastic view of Fishtail Peak. After a thirty-minute trek, I was the first person to reach Annapurna Base Camp, and the Annapurna mountains greeted us, and I was happy to see the mountains in my lifetime. I saw the mountains with closed eyes. The moments were just incredible. I was hungry, so I ordered rara noodles, which cost me RS 5OO. After 10 minutes, all my family members safely arrived at the Annapurna Base Camp. They were all happy, and they started to click the single selfie photo and group photo with different mountain poses. We took a family photo with the Annapurna Base Camp digital board with a background mountains view.

After having a cup of tea again, we started our trek back to Machhapuchere Base Camp; the hike us downhill until we reached Deurail, our third-night stay place. It took us almost 4 hours to get deurali from Annapurna Base Camp. We have ordered lunch at durable. After lunch, we start our trek to bamboo for our fifth day-night stay. We all were tired of trekking. There was a que in the trails. The most adventurous part was that one of our family members was lost, so my big brother finally went back to search for them after 1 hour, and he met us safely. We eat biscuits and water and head towards Bamboo. Lifetime memorable trip with family. We all trekked till 10 pm in the jungle trails, which was amazing and scary. Lighting the torchlight and mobile light, our paths looked beautiful and clear to walk. There was a small pebble that disturbed us to walk. We were trekking in a group with loud music and song so that if wild animals came near to us, they would go far listening to the voice and music. The trail was almost scary at night because we may fall in the riverside if one mistake. Finally, after five hours walk, we reached the place to stay. All hotels were packed, so we got a dirty room to sleep, eat dinner, and adjust for our fourth night.

Day Five

Day fifth, early morning, we packed our bag and started our trek from Ghandruk. We dnt not eat enough food on day four because the hotel was just worst. Me Shreesti and Aupa were in front while returning, so we found an excellent place after upper Sinuwa for delicious food to stay. We talked and planned to stay for a while and had some food so that other family members would also arrive and we could trek together. The trails were entirely downhill with stone stairs, and the view was mind-blowing mountains. After walking for almost four hours, we reached a comfortable homestay after crossing the suspension bridge from Jhinu. The homestay owner cooked delicious local organic food for us. We all were tired, so we planned for bbq as well. We light a campfire at the front space of the homestay. We were lucky to see the stars.

Day Six

Day sixth, we move to Nayapool from Jhinu. We drive almost two hours. All my family went to Muktinath, and I had already been there, so I didn’t go. After that, my solo journey to Kathmandu started. I catch a local bus from Nayapool to Pokhara. Until I reached Pokhara, I slept whole one hour during the bus journey. I met my Homie friend Saroj, who worked in Pokhara Regional Airport as Fire Fighter in Fire Department. He took me to have a momo in Pokhara. I keep my bag in his flat. After having momo, I went to Pavilions Hotel & Resort to meet my best brother Raag. His dad was GM in the resort. I got the opportunity to visit the farm. He greets me with the best view of the resort. He took me to his dad’s quarter which was just incredible. We had some coffee, and I went for a shower. The Pavilions was just a fantastic resort. The hotel vehicle drops me and raag to the lakeside. We went to the lakeside for live music and food.

Day Seven

On day seven, I woke up early morning, and I met the junior’s brother from Multani, who were also visiting Pokhara. We walked in the lakeside and had lunch with the brother. Besides that, I have known one friend, Pramod Thapa’s brother, originally from Pokhara. He gave me his bike, and I got a chance to visit the rest of the place by bike, and I went to Pokhara hydropower for a visit.

Another exciting part was that the Kathmandu Standards Motorcycle Club family all came to Chitwan for an ending the celebration. I saw it on Facebook messenger; then I plan to move to Chitwan. After having lunch, I went to Pokhara Prithivi chowk to catch the bus to Muglin. I got a truck and travelled to Damauli, and again, the truck went to Gorkha. I  got down from the truck and had some fruits. I was waiting for the bus when there came a tractor, and the driver ate the fruits, and I  asked him to give a lift to Muglin. Muglin is the diversion point to go to Kathmandu and Chitwan. The tractor driver stops the tractor at Muglin. I was waiting for a bus. Finally, a bus arrived in front of me, and the driver asked me, where are you going? Then I answer I am going to Chitwan. He gave a lift to Chitwan he didn’t charge me the money. I was waiting for a jeep that would drop me at the Sauraha. At the same time, one couple came and asked me to let him go by taxi and share the taxi fare, and I agreed. The cab drops me at the Sauraha. One of our club members in the hotel, the church, had already arrived. I met her, and we went to Sauraha to visit. After 1 hour, all the riders from the Sikkim event came to the hotel, and chunchun and I went to the hotel to greet them with a smile. We stayed at the hotel and had a lot of fun regarding the bike event.

Day Eight

Day Eight, I woke up early morning, and all riders were in a deep sleep. They were tired of riding bikes, so don’t disturb them, so I hired a cab that took me to highway Sauraha chowk. I was waiting for a bus, and lucky one empty bus stopped at me, and I asked the driver can you please give me a lift to Narayanghat. He said okay and entered the bus, and I stayed near the driver’s seat. He was so kind that he even charged me the bus fare. I got out of the bus after a one-hour drive from Sauraha to Narayanghat. Narayanghat is the east-west highway’s diversion point and meets the end of Kathmandu. I was hungry. It was almost 9 AM. I eat local breakfast at the local tea house.

After breakfast, I went to Narayanghat chowk to catch a bus to Kathmandu. Finally, I was lucky, and I got a taxi to take me to Kathmandu. On the way, the cab found other two people, and I was in the front seat. We had lunch at Malekhu, famous for fry fish and lunch. After 5 hours drive from Narayanghat, we reached Kathmandu valley. We were so lucky because there was no traffic at the Thankot checkpoint. One of my ma school’s best friends, Santosh, comes to Chapel to pick me up. After 20 minutes ride from Chapel, he drops me at my home town Mulpani sweet home. This trip was one of the most memorable trips I have ever done before. I give thanks to all the people I met during the solo travel. Travel as much as you can.




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