Hiking in Nepal
Nepal, a near-perfect nation in the southeast part of the world, is a true gem in its offering of natural beauty in abundance and cultural beauty. Nepal is especially well-known as a Himalayan nation as trekkers set their journey thousands of miles to remote trekking trails in different regions of Nepal every year. Trekking may not be for everyone as it demands more than just time; you should be able physically, mentally and even economically take on the mammoth task of expediting to mountains. And just here, Hiking comes as a breath of fresh air. As hills and mountains here in this Himalayan nation are found everywhere, numerous exciting hiking trails have been opened.
Hiking may not bring you as close to mountains as trekking does, but Hiking keeps its promise to satisfy you to the fullest. Fully immersing in the serenity of nature’s mysticism, the colourful and soulful lullaby of a bird with a close view of a sky-touching Mountain topped with dignifying glorious culture and hospitality is promised. If you are short on time and still have this sense of urgency to explore the hidden gems and mysticism hidden beneath in nature, Hiking is ideal. So, come on this hiking journey with us, Raconteur Adventure and explore remote valleys, deep valued customs, hill stations, flora and fauna and substantial snowy mountains.

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