Why With Us?

Why With Us!

Raconteur Adventure is a trekking agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have a team of young and energetic, knowledgeable people striving for perfection in Nepal’s tourism industry.

Our Mission Statement

Raconteur Adventure focuses on one primary goal of providing the best of the service to you. So, we strive continuously for achieving the highest service standards in this blur tourism market of Nepal. We meet your expectations of safety and comfort throughout the journey with us. We commit and serve to the natural and cultural environment, respecting each other.

Quick Response

We will reply with answers to your queries within 12 hours of your inquiry. We have a correspondence team who is 24 hours ready to receive your calls. The Office of Raconteur Adventure is all ready to serve you fast.


There is multiple travel and trek websites live right now that don’t own the right to operate the business. So, in this mass of non-legal travel companies, we are happy to announce that we are entirely legal.

Raconteur Adventure Pvt. Ltd is a legal company registered under acts of the Nepal Government;

Company Registrar (Ministry of Industry) – 210993/075/076

Department of Tax-782098521

Regional office, PAN-606783219

We organize small and medium tours.

Raconteur Adventure Pvt. Ltd has a history of organizing all sorts of tours and treks. So, in this Covid situation, we now serve more to guests who travel in small groups of 8-12. A more professional service is achievable with fewer numbers. But, we organize the school, college and Business tours on a SIC basis to groups.

We have the best network

Raconteur Adventure has the best strong network with all necessary stakeholders, from airlines to expedition gear companies and tour leaders. Our strong network indicates we are ready to face any challenges in extreme conditions. And if you wish to change your tour plan, we can do that easily as well.

We will update you with the latest information

We will update you with the latest information on the trekking route. Updated information on trekking trails will help you plan the following route or postpone the trip for a while. We try our best to keep you updated on all the necessary details.

Qualified and Friendly team

Raconteur Adventure supports the best of best people from the office staff to field staff and guide up in the mountains. We will help you in any situation, which might include finding directions, finding a doctor if necessary, emergency mountain evacuation, flight delay and other difficulties. Our staff and guides are trained in first aid and emergency handling.  Similarly, we have a highly experienced team of drivers and other professionals in all departments, including vehicles, gears, and other needful.


There is no such guarantee that the trip always runs flawlessly. So, in any unforeseen situation before or during the journey, we will call it off and help you make your trip worthwhile. We won’t burden you with additional costs if the changes do not affect flight and permit fees.

Other Necessary Items

Raconteur Adventure uses a good quality commercial tent. We send Hyperbaric Portable Altitude Chamber, oxygen cylinders, pulse oxymeters on request. The trip leader and guides will take care of the basic first aid kit. Our team can handle situations from diarrhoea to AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).


The world is in demand of sustainability. The future, where the forthcoming generation may not be lucky enough to enjoy the resource we are using, seems to stress alone. Sustainability in all aspects of society is the topic of every tongue. But the execution is still questionable. In this confusion, Raconteur has and wished to create the difference. We don’t allow plastics in our tours and treks. We try our best not to leave anything but footprints behind us. We book hotels upon guest request, but our preference will always be homestay to give back to the community. We are the storytellers, Raconteurs, so we will aim to be the part of your Story where we create memories full of sustainability.

Community Work

We have and is giving back to the community. We create stories where the community is given back. We have contributed with homestay tourism, afforestation, community involvement and many other activities. Our future goal is to establish an excellent educational institution on a large scale to do our part. Raconteur Adventure is and has engaged in different community-based activities.

Green Tourism

Global warming has been taken by storm, and the consequences are next door. But Raconteur has not forgotten to do its part. Firstly we prefer rural destinations where adventure is possible. We don’t allow our clients to leave any garbage behind, and we use non-plastic bags and practice on-site green tourism wherever we go. We just don’t want to be the next-door travel agency,  but we want to create stories to cherish.

Quality Tourism

There is not much difference between choosing the quality product from shopping mart and tourism from the travel agency. Yes, everyone delivers, but the quality is still questionable. Quality Tourism does not mean booking a five-star hotel and hiring private vehicles, but we believe quality should be provided even before you come to Nepal. So, we have created a strong network across Nepal and beyond to eradicate any compromise in your fantastic journey with Raconteur Adventure.

Community Adventure Tourism

Raconteur Adventure is about all adventure sports and to a different part of Nepal. Nepal offers a vast choice in adventurous sports. Trekking, Hiking, Cycling, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Paragliding are just a few to name here. Everybody is organizing adventurous sports, but we are upgrading the community; we don’t miss any cultural reflection. You can count on us. We respect local culture and discourage any form of hatred during the tour. We believe in travelling sustainably without harming nature, both natural and artificial in any form or shape.

So, come and let us be the Raconteur on your journey to mystic and tranquil Nepal.


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    Raconteur Adventure is government registered trekking company aimed towards quality tourism and giving to the community.

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