Community Work

Community Work

Community Work

Tourism practice that raconteur adventure involves the community work. We contribute to the community as much as resources allow us. We suggest you book your accommodation in homestay and community homes. Wherever you travel with us, we try our best to contribute a little to that place. We are tied with a scout organization, local youth club and other local clubs.

This companionship allows us the different serve communities. We have put dustbins in the local chowk recently. We give scholarships to the needy, maintain and educate on keeping a healthy and sanitized environment, invest in the construction and reconstruction of local places. As we are in this tourism industry, we create direct and indirect employment. We are a team of three with two staff working 8 hours a day and six days a week, with the salary and benefits. Raconteur adventure gives business to hotels, trekking gear outlets, vehicle companies, guides, porters and many more. We look after businesses in more local and remote areas to minimize the environmental effect and get the most satisfying small experiences.

Doing as much as we can!

From building a strong community to contributing to the culture, tradition, and living lifestyle, we are doing our part. Without community, no business can run efficiently. It is this business relationship that decides the success of any business. So, we earn and give back. All community service is possible because of you. As you travel more, we can serve more. Community thrives in unity, and what better than the international community joining hands in our happiness and sorrows.

We keep our promises. We regularly post the things we did for community service in this blog section of Raconteur adventure. It is needless to say how the community around the world is scattered and is more individualistic. It is a crucial time to surround us with the strength of society, both local and international. So, allow us to be your travel partner so that we can do more community work.

Raconteur Adventure and Pipalbot Youth Club distributing dustbins.

Raconteur Adventure is government registered trekking company aimed towards quality tourism and giving to the community.
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