Kathmandu Heritage Cycling

Kathmandu Heritage Cycling

Heritage cycling tour in Kathmandu Nepal

Cycling in Kathmandu Nepal is more fun. The cycling experience in Kathmandu is full of thrill, excitement, and spirituality. Raconteur adventure grants you an amazing experience in the very Lap of the mountains with Kathmandu Heritage cycling.  As we know Kathmandu is the city of temples with the most unique heritage sites holding the beauty of religious art and architecture. Kathmandu has a history of more than 100 years. Kathmandu valley has other two districts called Bhaktapur and Lalitpur nearby. This district provides you with the most amazing and unique experience of art, architecture, cuisine, and much more mesmerizing architectonics.

Raconteur provides one of the finest cycling tours in Nepal, the cycling tour is mainly focused on the major cycling heritage sites in Kathmandu valley and the tour renders outstanding artificial architecture buildings and old houses. Raconteur adventure cycling tour includes the major heritage sites such as Pashupatinath Temple and Baudhanath Stupa. Pashupatinath is the biggest known Hindu pilgrims of Hindu religion yearly lakhs of Hindu all over the world visit Pashupatinath they believe the Pashupatinath is a superior god and also known as Pashupatinath is home of the Lord shiva. Similarly, Baudhanath is the dome-shaped stupa in south Asia. Believed to have the positive energy for which many Buddhist people pray for their wellness and wishes. We are here at Raconteuradventure to provide you with a unique experience of cycling around these holy pure sites.

Why Raconteur?

Raconteuradventure cycling tour kicks off the tour from Shiphal an inner playground. This cycling tour event has a duration of roughly 15 minutes. And then we will take a short walk around Pashupatinath Temple approximately half an hour of walk and then we will take a short break of Tea and breakfast and after we have our tea and breakfast we will again continue our ride to Bauddhanath Stupa that is 4 km Away from Pashupatinath Temple that approx. takes abt. 30-40 minutes if everything goes right. After we reach Baudhanath stupa we will do sightseeing for about 20-30 minutes and after sightseeing, we will do a traditional breakfast at a standard Restaurant. After breakfast, we will have a farewell program and a token of love.

We strongly believe in a Green Sustainable Tourism, we present you an eco-friendly itinerary our motto is more focused on the promotion of green tourism so we always and will try to minimize the garbage at our tour sites also promising the experience of giving you all the high-class facilities as possible with an experienced guide through the acknowledged Historic and religious sites of each site of Nepal.

Please Follow the Detailed itinerary for more

Come and join us at a Cycling event: Kathmandu Heritage Cycling Tour, Raconteur Adventure

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