Nepal Motorcycle Tour

Nepal Motorcycle Tour

Pc- Sonam Sherpa

Nepal is a country with great geographical variety, with each area having its own culture, geography, and climate. Depending on the site, motorbike trekking may be done at any time. The plan for a motorbike tour in Nepal is focused on visiting the Himalayan area region and experiencing the high Himalayas from afar. Nepal Highland Treks provides unforgettable motorcycle trips in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains to all motorcyclists. Every country has four seasons throughout the year, but Nepal has six, referred to as Ritu. Although most tourists choose to visit Nepal in the spring and fall, some country regions may be explored at any time of year. According to the Nepali calendar, each season has two months.

I. Spring Season

From mid-March to mid-May, this is the second greatest remarkable one for motorbike trekkers (Chaitra and Baishak Nepali month). During this season, fresh buds form on trees, and various flowers, including the Rhododendron (Nepal’s national flower), Magnolia, and other wildflowers, bloom in multiple parts of the country. This time of year attracts a considerable number of visitors. The mild temperature is called a changeable weather season since it is neither too hot nor too cold. This season is touristy

due to clear skies and pleasant weather in the mountains. This is an excellent month to arrange a motorcycle journey. Motorbiking across Nepal is a great way to see all of the notable destinations in Nepal and Tibet, including the Everest Base Camp.

II. Summer Season

Because this is the hottest season, riding a long-distance motorcycle in Nepal’s lowlands is not recommended. In these months, motorbiking to the mountains is still an excellent option. During this, flowers bloom and trees are fruit. Summer is the optimum time for farmers to plant their crops. According to the Nepali calendar, this occurs between mid-May and mid-July, or in Jestha and Aashad. PrRashadon season is another name for this time of year.

III. Monsoon Season

In English, Barsha means rain. Hence the rainy season is called Barsha Ritu. In the Nepali calendar, it occurs between mid-July and mid-September, or Shrawan and Bhadra. It rains a lot during the monsoon season, and there are thunderstorms again. Dsevererains create landslides in specific locations, and the roads become muddy, making travel difficult. This season, there are just a few motorbike locations left. It’s a great time to go mountain riding in the Upper Mustang. Upper Mustang is a shredded region that abuts the Tibetan plateau.

IV. Autumn Season

According to the Nepali calendar, the autumn season lasts from mid-September to mid-November. Post monsoon season is another name for autumn. Because it draws h a vast number of people, this season is recognised as the best season for travellers’ This season is also known as the festival season since it coincides with Nepal’s two significant festivals, Val Dashain and Tihar. Summer monsoons clean the surrounding area, resulting in pleasant weather. The cold has little effect on temperature instead of in the fall. As a result, a motorbike tour may be planned in any part of Nepal.

IV.I. Pre-Winter

According to the Nepali calendar, Pre Winter is between Mangsir and Poush, In the English; calendar, it is between mid-November and mid-January. Temperatures begin to drop throughout this season. Riding to the mountain can be significantly colder, but a short excursion is still viable. The most okay road for motor most OK in Nepal is  Jomsom Muktinath in these months. This is a mustang region, also referred to as lower mustang. Riding to Nepal’s lowlands to see historical sites like Lumbini and natural wonders like Chitwan, Gorkha, Bandipur, and Pokhara on the most acceptable motorbike route on a decent highway is an excellent season during the pre-winter.

IV.I. Winter Season

Winter Season is Nepal’s. coldest season

It occurs between the middle of January and March, known in Nepal as Magh Falgun. The temperature drops to near freezing, and the hilly terrain has harsh weather and significant snowfall during this time of year. The days are cool and bright throughout the winter.  This is the most excellent, most fantastic go if you want to see the sights e, even if it’s snowing. At this time, a motorbike adventure tour in Nepal is not suggested.

Different packages are available from Nepal Highland Treks to let you ride towards the mountain or tour Nepal’s renowned cities. Nepal Highland Treks can assist you in determining the optimal time to go motorbike trekking based on your destination. We are a fully prepared adventure organization capable of operating motorbiking excursions across Nepal and Tibet. Famous motorbiking places in Nepal, as well as an excellent Tim, arrange Pangea trip

A. Motorbike Tour of Jomsom Muktinath

Pc – Sonam Sherpa

Because it is impossible to anticipate the weather in hilly places, the optimum seasons for a motorcycle journey to Jomsom Muktinath are spring and fall. Riding in this region during the pre-winter months is still enjoying the spring and autumn seasons: March, April, May, September, October, and November. There is greener, usually, really snow in the spring, and the mountain vistas are clear. The environment and temperature are more relaxed and more extraordinary calmer fall. Landscape green in the fall. A clear sky can be seen, and the temperature is not too chilly. We may also travel in the summer since the temperature in hilly and mountainous areas is not as scorching.

1. Motorbike Tour of the Upper Mustang

PC-Goofy Dai

Spring and fall are significant and fantastic times to go on a motorcycle tour in Upper Mustang. To get to Upper Mustang, we have to negotiate muddy mountain roads. As a result, wet months might be difficult in this area. Several snowfalls in the Upper Mustang region might make it impossible to get rid of during the winter season. Even though Upper Mustang is a rain shadow located, there is less rain even during the rainy season.

2. Motorbike Tour through Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan

PC-Rabi Thapa


For this journey, the optimal seasons are spring and fall. Because it will take us through three Himalayan nations, we must consider the weather to have a successful trip. Bhutan and Nepal have nearly the temperature instead throughout the year. Tibet is a plateau area that is quite chilly in the winter.   March, April, May, June, September, October, and November are the best months to motorcycle Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan in one trip because of the favorable weather on a motorcycle.

3. Kathmandu is a historically significant city

Natural wonders and cultures of diverse Nepalese settlements surround Kathmandu. Motorbiking around Kathmandu, away from the crowds yet close to nature, is the greatest strategy for individuals who only have a limited time but want to see Nepal. A motorcycle excursion near Kathmandu may be done at any time of year.  A motorbike excursion in the winter will be ideal if you enjoy it. Nearby hill stations of the Kathmandu VA receive snowfall throughout the winter months.

4. Manang Motorbike Tour and Tilicho Lake Hike

March, April, May, June, September, October, and November are the most OK months to ride a motorcycle and trek to Tilicho Lake since they fall in the spring, before summer, autumn, and prewinter. Tilicho Lake, at 4919 meters above sea level, is one of Nepal’s tallest freshwater lakes encircled by the Himalayas. This experience includes horseback riding and hiking. The motorcycle road leading to Tilicho Lake is still unconnected. Trek to Tilicho Lake and have an excellent ride to Khangsar hamlet near Manang.

5. Motorbike Trek to Everest View

Spring, summer, autumn, and prewinter are good times to go on an Everest View Motorbike Trek. It is to ride Mount Everest’s lower reaches. A short day’s ride will bring you closer to Mount Everest. It’s also a chance to see Nepal’s magnificent mountain ranges. Investigate rural life and distinct cultural landscapes.

6. Himalayan Motorcycle Tour 

The greatest seasons are spring and autumn, as everyone prefers. However, it is also possible to travel throughout the prewinter & winter seasons. Because the weather is bright throughout the day and there is no snowfall in these areas. A Himalayan Motorbiking Tour in Nepal aims to discover natural cities, the Himalayas, and the Nepalese people.

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