Nepal serves the best trekking experience, nowhere to be found elsewhere. Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, Langtang and many other staggering mountains lie in Nepal’s mountainous country. When many of us here in Nepal, our head is filled with images of mountains and the trekking experience. But as you might know, Nepal is not only a nation of mountains. The trekking journey is satisfying as you can choose various trekking experiences. The northern part, i.e. the mountainous part, offers a rich trekking experience and is your gateway to encountering the tallest mountains in the world.
The hiking and trekking experience in Nepal extends from an altitude of 59m and goes all the way up to 8848m. They are the tallest mountains in the world. Annapurna region trekking is considered one of the best trekking routes, and Pokhara is your commencing point to reach the Annapurna region.
For those who wish to obtain the best trekking experience in a short time, Raconteur Adventure also serves the best short trekking itinerary in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is now much safe and more comfortable. A sustainable homestay and lodge in the Himalayas and star properties in the city facilitate a wholesome trekking experience. Trekking in Nepal serves you with rich vegetation and mammals, the chance to see and observe ethnicity in its blooming form and many more. For your wholesome trekking experience, you can book whole trekking with Raconteur Adventure, or you can customise your trek with us. Trekking in Nepal requires you to acquire some mandatory permits, but we are here to assist you in every logistics necessary for your hassle-free trekking. So, come and join the trekking this season to create stories and share them with the forthcoming generation.

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