Thamel Street

Thamel Street

Since the hippie era, Thamel Street has been the centre of Kathmandu valley for a long time. It has some old temples and artistic houses in this very place. Thamel is known as the hub of the tourist industry. It is known for its narrow and quarry shop commonly. These shops sell trekking gears, music DVDs, Handicrafts, souvenirs, woollen clothes: travel agencies, budget Hotels, restaurants, clubs and many more.

Thamel has many things to offer for especially foreigners. Although Thamel is a place with a higher price tag rather than a non-tourist area, it has a variety of shops for many things. It has a wide range of mountaineering gear shops, foreign money exchange counters, and a wide range of mountaineering gear shops. Thamel is a pre-base camp for trekkers and mountaineers.

Thamel used to be famous for the Hippie era during the 70s when the hippies came to Nepal for Hashish and Marijuana. They used to sell marijuana and hashish in this very place, and still, it is the hotspot of many tourists from all over the world. The place where Hippies used to stay is Freak Street, which is now called Jho che, which is located near Kathmandu durbar square/ Basantapur at Kathmandu.

Nightlife in Thamel

Thamel is also a Place for a City’s Nights Life. Bars live music blasts out at night. It has a Garden of dreams with a pavilion, fountain, and urn. The quarry shop sells handicrafts (mandala) and metal such as healing bowls, statues, dolls, etc.

Thamel is a big market for buying hiking, trekking and mountaineering gear. We can get all the items here from branded, high copy and even Budget-friendly items here at Thamel. One can find lots of travel agencies and find a professional guide for your assistance rather than that you can also find other amenities like disco, pub, bar etc. in this very place.

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