Green Tourism

Green Tourism

Green Tourism

As the world is struggling with the effect of global warming, everyone should do their part to protect, preserve and revive our earth. The tourism sector creates pollution of ocean, land, air, light and sound. As any business sector is responsible towards their surroundings and nature, raconteur following the path of green tourism stands with nature and its norms.

Raconteur Adventure invests in sustainable tourism. We believe in tourism where the slogan is, “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints”. Leaving fewer carbon footprints is our motto. So, when you do the tour with us, plastics are disallowed. We will put our garbage in a bag and throw it at an accessible location. We suggest our guests hire trekking gear rather than buying. This small gesture goes a long way. Smoking is strictly prohibited in dry areas, including forests, pastures and others. Our tourism areas include less visited, more remote and sacred places, allowing shared resource usage. We recycle wherever possible, do as much as we can to give back to the community. Raconteur adventure practices and adopts the new parameters of green tourism.

Give back to community

As we make more travel stories with you, we give back more to the community. We are tied with a local youth club organizing concerts to raise money for the needy. We distribute dustbins, manage the investments for the development and cleanliness of religious sites, feed the needy, provide scholars to the marginalized, and many more. It is not us who is doing this, and it is you.

We need you, and you need us; that’s how humanity works. Lets’ promise to do whatever we can to preserve nature that. We, raconteur adventure, have not done everything, but we are doing what we can to practice green tourism. So, contribute to green tourism and the global community, and we will make this journey memorable.

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Raconteur Adventure is government registered trekking company aimed towards quality tourism and giving to the community.
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