Flora and Fauna in Nepal

Rich Flora and Fauna in Nepal

Flora and Fauna in Nepal

For those who don’t know what Nation is in Nepal, it is safe to say Nepal is heaven. Even the marvelous artificial and natural creation hides away from the sheer beauty that this great nation resembles this world. There is a lot to talk on this out-of-this-world beautiful country, but we are here to tell you how prosperous this nation is in flora and fauna. Nepal is heaven for nature lovers with a rich collection of three main climatic conditions bringing all the beauty of different vegetation. Rich Flora and Fauna in Nepal stand at the top of its game in both variation and richness it gets to the overall flora and fauna scene of the world. There are some fantastic facts to keep you in awe, and they are;

Some Green and wild facts of Nepal;

  1. Elevation ranges from 70m to 8848m in Nepal
  2. Nepal’s only bird is named Kande Bhaykur, the Spiny Babbler
  3. Nepal contributes 2.8% of the total species of plants on the earth
  4. 36 % of flowering plants are here in Nepal
  5. 2352 species of vascular plants
  6. Rare medicinal plants
  7. 185 species of mammals

Nepal is a complete package for all who wish to indulge in the true serenity of Mother Nature offerings of flora and fauna. Nepal’s outstanding share of climatic diversity is nowhere to be found on this planet. As you explore different facets here in Nepal, diverse arrays of positivity hit you, and you can even feel reborn. Enough about Nepal; I can’t stop talking about how beautiful Nepal is. Nepal has four climatic zones, the tropical zones, up to 1000m, Subtropical Zone(1100m-1400m), Temperature Zone(2500m-4000m) and the Subalpine and Alpine Zone, which is more than 4000m in altitude.

Each of these zones has something to all.

Tropical Zone (up to 1000m)

The extensive lowland of Terai and the lower hill will experience the tropical zone here in Nepal. This makes the region hot, with the average temperature in summer 35° and winter temperature averages @ 24°. In the low zones, the flora of Sal, Simal, Asna, Pinus Rosburghi allures you. Peacock, jungle fowl, black partridge & other migrating birds like to fly and hide in the region’s sky. For all wildlife lovers, tigers (Bagh), gaurs, deer (Jarayo), leopards (Chituwa), rhinos (Gaida), buffaloes(Bhaisi) and other creatures into the wild. You can even meet crocodiles and Genetic Dolphins in rivers here.

Subtropical Zone (1100m-2400m)

The subtropical zone goes up to the Mahabharat range in Nepal. This zone awes any with several green hills, hillocks, rivers, and an excellent wildlife experience. The subtropical zone covers significant rivers as Nepal’s longest and largest river flows. Some largest rivers are Karnali, Saptakoshi, and Narayani. And there is, of course, fantastic flora and the subtropical zone has stunning oak, rhododendron and orchids forests. And Ghoral, Bear, Deer and wild boar are several species in this zone.

Temperature Zone (2500m-4000m)

The temperature zone is where you start feeling cold as you reach the beginning height of the world’s highest mountains. There are different plant species which includes Oaks, Pines. And in coniferous forests, rhododendron, bamboo and even maples are found. Some of the exoticness of mother nature is here in this zone with a surprising list of Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Tahr, Serow, Ghoral Barking Deer, and Wild bear few here. There are many bird species in Nepal, and out of them, Danfhe, the national bird of Nepal, is all blissful to watch and observe.

Subalpine and Alpine Zone (more than 4000m)

The zone that exceeds the 4000m mark is the alpine zone. And in this mind-boggling altitude, too, we will see rhododendron, juniper scrub, woody vegetation and other peculiar flora. Animals, namely snow-leopard, musk deer, tahr, mouse hare, Himalayan marmots, and sheep, are seen in this area. Snowcock, snow partridge, dippers like bird flies in the sky of this zone.

So, yes, Nepal is ultimately rich in its flora and fauna offering.

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